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List of Suggestions to help you host a better party:

Note: We do not claim that this list is complete – There may be other facts you need to comply with your state and city’s regulations, owner’s association rules, codes and/or zoning laws. This list has been registered and may not be sold, given, or shared without the written permission of Modern Entertainment Inc. If there are Ideas or procedures that you feel we left out, you are free to send those to: modernent@aol.com We do not assume any liability or responsibility for any of these suggestions and ideas. Check with as many party professionals as you can before putting these suggestions in use. Thank you.

1) Make a guest list
2) No Bar, versus Cash Bar versus Open Bar with bartender versus self service bar with no bartender
3) Ask how long the people you are hiring have been in business
4) Ask about the owner of the company’s educational level
5) Ask about the brand names of the equipment
6) Ask whether they have an office or work from home
7) Ethnic/Cultural backgrounds
8) Ask if the president of the company tries to visit every event that he has on any given day.
9) Ask a Hypothetical question
10) Ask to visit an event that they are doing
11) Ask for references
12) Security for the party
13) Neighborhood Association Rules (Latest ending time)
14) Noise level rules
15) Needed permits, relevant zoning laws
16) Valet parking, self parking, room for parking many cars
17) Ask exactly how many people he/she brings as employees
18) Ask if he/she has any video DVDs of him/her doing your hall or church
19) Ask was is the policy of the company if you have to change your date
20) Ask if they are insured
21) Ask to see a song list
22) Ask to see pictures
23) Ask about overtime charges if the party starts late
24) Try to put down the smallest deposit possible
25) Ask if he has emergency second equipment
26) Ask if most of his employees speak perfect English
27) Ask about cancellation charges
28) Ask about emergency cellular phone numbers. Try them before the party.
29) How long does the company take to return a call?

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