Disc Jockeys – Videotaping – Bands




Remember those special moments . . .

Bring them back to life on the silver screen!


Large Wall Size Projection Screens:

We create beautiful montages chronicling the life of your loved one and you. We include interviews of how you meant, what you like most about each other, funny stories, romantic stories, and how you see yourselves together in the future. Packages include the ability to re-create your first date, insert baby pictures, and old home movies. We are only limited by your imagination.


Wedding Package: (Call for Prices.)


Approximately 7 ft by 7ft projection screen. Audio is amplified via the disc jockey system. (DJ not included, you must get permission from the DJ if not contracted thorough us.) Includes a bride and groom introduction, 20 baby pictures, a narration (voice story), and one hour of filming at a location before the wedding to conduct interviews.



Includes all in Basic package but contains 30 baby pictures, two hours of filming one on location (the beach, park) and one at a home of the couple. Also includes a larger 9ft x 12 ft screen.


Lifetime Tribute:

A tribute (dedication) to a loved one who has passed away. Includes 30 photo insert, narration, and background music.



Video Disc Jockey:

Available with purchase of any package above. We bring a collection of music videos by original artists and mix them throughout the evening in various intervals and sets. (Disco, Reggae, Salsa, etc.)


Premier Video Disc Jockey:

Same as above, but includes, cordless video camera filming guests dancing. Camera ‘roams’ around the room and the footage is mixed between music videos and songs. The ultimate party experience!